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Welcome to Meals per Hour, a partnership between Toyota and Food Bank For New York City to improve operations and improve lives. Hear the stories and meet the people who are joining together to bring food, hope and dignity to thousands of New Yorkers. Meet our partners
  • A Record of Success
  • by Mary Catherine Brouder
  • 3.22.13
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A Record of Success

Sharing an automaker’s manufacturing process to help feed people faster may seem like an unusual idea. But Toyota has already proven that in other situations, it’s an idea that really works. Sharing Toyota’s production system knowledge with non-profits is helping to make a difference in all kinds of ways. Here are a few recent examples:

In 2011, Toyota partnered with the St. Bernard Project, a home reconstruction organization in New Orleans that assists residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina by rebuilding destroyed or severely damaged homes. Toyota’s goal was to increase the number of homes built and reduce customer wait time.

Since the partnership began, the amount of time it takes to rebuild a home has dropped from 116 days to 60 – a 50% improvement.

“When we met them, it seemed like the perfect fit,” said St. Bernard Project co-founder Liz McCartney. “Toyota is really committed to helping communities after disasters.”

In fact, after a string of devastating tornadoes hit northern Alabama in April 2011, hundreds of Toyota employees volunteered to lend a helping hand - cleaning up debris, removing trees and unloading and sorting donations at distribution centers. They racked up 10,000 hours of volunteer service by the end of May.

For more information about Toyota’s activities in your communities, click here.

With these successes and many others under their belts, I’m finding myself more and more confident that we’re in for an exciting and heartwarming ride with the Meals Per Hour project.


  1. It is greaat that a huge corporation such as Toyota help implement one of their own production systems to help NGO’s. Thank you Toyota, keep up the good work and see what else you can do for your faithfull Toyota car owners.

    Allan Booyjzsen Reply