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  • The Meals Per Hour Documentary: 1 View = 1 Meal
  • by Mary Catherine Brouder
  • 6.20.13

The Meals Per Hour Documentary: 1 View = 1 Meal
By Mary Catherine Brouder

Some things in life are worth the wait.

It’s been 10 weeks since the Supermarché crew began filming Toyota’s Meals Per Hour program, and now, at last, the finished documentary — all 6 artful minutes of it—is online and available for your viewing pleasure.

Just to recap a bit: 10 weeks ago, Toyota began sharing its uniquely efficient production system (Toyota Production System, or TPS) with nonprofit organizations working to bring relief to people still struggling in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

In partnership with Food Bank For New York City, Toyota’s team helped local food pantry Metro World Child adapt the TPS principles to optimize virtually every aspect of its food donation system.

The whole time, Supermarché has been documenting every detail of the process — from warehouse to truck to distribution.

Watch now to see the fascinating result of their efforts. You’ll learn exactly how and why the flow of work was improved, and get to know the people involved in the project.

Best of all, simply by watching the video, you’ll be helping others: For every view the documentary receives, Toyota will donate one meal to the Food Bank For New York City.

Toyota has already committed 250,000 meals, and their goal is to donate up to 125,000 more on behalf of the good folks who take the time to watch this video.

So let’s do it! Simply click play, and fill some plates! And share the link with your friends and family. We’ll hit that 125,000-meal goal fast, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing we helped a feed a lot of people.


  1. Toyota is Awesone. They need to share what they are doing via advertisement on TV. A lot. of people don’t have access to a computer.

    Pamela Hall Reply
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  3. great story and many of us who work in the non for profit would love to learn how to improve the process for delivering services to our clients.

    tony o'malley Reply
  4. Wonderful! An imaginative way for various groups to come together in cooperation, and to do so for the welfare of the many, many needy in our society.

    Philip Amos Reply
  5. I’ve been supporting them for years,in return I’ve been driving a excellent Vechicle.Now! We team up again to feed the hungry.I love it

    James S. Blackwood Reply
  6. Wonderful people and ideas! My good hearted grand-daughter sent this to me and I will be sending this out to many of my friends as well. I hope this helps in a small way.

    Catherine Murray Reply
  7. Great film. Great job all of you volunteers! It is so nice to see that we we don’t only help other countries, we also help our own. Bless each and every one of you that have given your selves.

    diana richardson Reply
  8. I love Toyota!!! They not only make excellent quality cars, they also take excellent care of our best resources - human beings! Go Toyota!

    Kris Reply
  9. Wonderful idea; hope this spreads like wildfire, and other companies jump on the band wagon. Three cheers for Toyota; Hip, Hip, Hurray. Even more cheers for the volunteers; Toyota is doing this for publicity and to sell cars as well as help people, but the volunteers get nothing out of it except inner satisfaction.

    Nancy Black Reply
  10. What a superb volunteer effort… thanks to Toyota. Although I
    drive a very reliable Buick, my
    neighbors and friends are pleased
    with their Toyotas.

    B.Scupi Reply
  11. Great to see the changing of minds that can release even more energy toward improving life and lives.

    Erik Hager Reply
  12. great one - although I share the opinion that for Toyota this is simply strategy to strenghten their reputation; but the result is just fantastic

    Ralph Reply
  13. George is awesome! It takes a really strong leader to open up their process to improvement. He kept his eyes on the prize - feeding more families. Also love the brown rice!

    Tricia Reply
  14. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Thank you Toyota. I pray that other organizations will do the same along with other agencies who are community oriented. I think it’s a good idea to continue to improve the system in case such a disaster takes place again. God bless all who participated, for you will be rewarded.

    Mariana Deliz Reply
  15. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Thank you Toyota. I pray that other organizations will do the same along with other agencies who are community oriented. Continue to improve the system. God bless you all.

    Mariana Deliz Reply